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I offer several methods of hair extensions including micro bead, nano bead, tape-in, karetin bond, cold fusion, hot fusion, Brazilian knot, NXS tressess, clip in and flip in.

I've compiled a list of the top hair brands that I use. These aren't the only extensions that I offer, but it will give you an idea of the different methods available. Some of the companies offer more than one type of extension method. I've provided a small excerpt of each brand and you can browse each of them by clicking the drop down menu in the navigation bar above. Feel free to watch videos and read about the company and what they offer. My goal is to show you the diverse options that you have when you consider extensions. This is just a small sampling of information.  I always suggest contacting me for a consultation so that I can match you with the best hair extension brand and method that will meet your desires as well as fit your lifestyle.



Mago Hair Extensions start with the finest Indian Remy Hair from the temples in India, which is meticulously selected and tested for quality.  Remy means that the cuticle layers are all facing the same direction from root to end and, therefore, do not tangle. We use a very gentle coloring process to help preserve the integrity of the hair. Our gently processed Remy Hair insures that our extensions will behave just like your own natural hair and will blend in seamlessly. 

The Mago Knot is already made and ready on the ring, all that needs to be done is pull. The Knot then will make a double knot attaching itself on to the hair. These extensions are designed to disappear seamlessly, creating the most natural looking hair and movement possible. Since Mago is connected with a simple knot, removal of these extensions is just a small cut into the ring and the extension falls away. No machines, No heavy tools, No chemical. It’s easy, secure and above all, natural!




In our experience, the quality of the hair is the most important factor in the hair extension business. With DreamCatchers, our hair is a unique blend of “REMY” hair, so that the color you see, is the very same color as we acquired it. Our hair quality is truly amazing, so you wouldn’t want to just throw it away, so we have come up with a tipping system (exclusive to DreamCatchers) that is made of a polyurethane or a rubberized material which allows you to re-use the same extensions month after month (in some cases 2 years or more), so your clients get the extended enjoyment of amazing looking hair. Unlike the glue in systems which are usually dipped in silicone, which creates the illusion of silky shiny hair and after a few washes the silicone is washed out and the performance of the hair drops off dramatically- with DreamCatchers the hair is of such a premium quality that they perform without losing their luster.

To give you some insight into the hair extension industry, it is worth knowing that most hair extensions originate from India, which is not only inexpensive hair, but unfortunately, all the hair is black. So, in order to produce lighter colors, the hair has to be repeatedly bleached. Regrettably, it doesn’t matter how gentle this bleaching process is, it still strips the hair, thus damaging the integrity of the extension, and that is why you only can get a one-time use from them. The suppliers refer to the tipping as Keratin or Protein bonds, but the truth is, it is just a polite way of saying glue. So you glue in the hair and 3-4 months later you are standing for hours (a typical head will take between 4-7 hours) removing the old extensions (using an acetone based solvent- which can cause irritation to the client’s scalp, etc.) to throw them away and re-glue in a whole new set, which you then have to cut and style again.



In 1994 we had a vision to offer salons and stylists worldwide the knowledge and tools needed to create customized looks and styles for their clientele. From chemical free color and highlights to volume and length. From special occasions and social events to school rallies and theatrical venues, now we are able to offer you and your clients a wide variety of professional services. Our Hair - We traveled the world in search of the most natural looking hair and ways to make the application undetectable. We offer only 100% remy hair, which means the hair cuticle is facing in the same direction which prevents tangling and matting. Remy hair allows the blending with your own hair to give the appearance of natural, healthy looking hair.

Freedom to Choose

We began with an organic bond that resembles human hair and when attached and removed, no damage occurs. For many years, stylists and clients raved about their results and satisfaction by using our organic bond extensions, but some wanted to offer different types of applications and still have the same quality of hair Cinderella Hair offers. With that in mind and the support from our stylists and salons in 2011 we were proud to introduce Our Hair Your Way® - a totally new concept in hair extensions! Not only do we offer our Classic Bond Hair Extensions and now by offering I-Hair® I-Tip Extensions, Flat Tip I-Hair®, T-Hair® Tape Extensions, Cinderella Hair® Strips and Cinderella Hair Veil® you now have endless choices and possibilities.




Hotheads Hair Extensions are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat. Our goal was to create a product for the salon professional that was simple, fast, and extraordinary; we have done just that. For clients, our products have completely changed the way their hair looks and how they feel about themselves.

Hotheads Hair Extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. Manufactured with amazing quality human remy hair with the cuticle intact allows our hair to be reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing. Clients will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application.



Our advanced technology preserves the virgin hair by depigmentizing the cuticle from the inside out. Capelli Hair Extensions come in small strands of 100% human Remy hair with all the cuticles facing the same direction, making the hair feel luxuriously silky while staying tangle free.





Nano bead 


Beaded weft 

Hand Tied Weft 

Flat Weft 


Natural Beaded Row NBR 



All Application Services include Cut Blend & Style 

Microbead application $299
Nano Bead Application $299 up

Ketatin Application $299

Beaded Weft Application  $299 up
NBR Application  $299 up

Flat Weft Application  $299 

Hand Tied Weft Application $299 up

Mago Application  $49 per bag 
Tape Hair Application $99 up

Color Services

Olaplex included in all color services free 

All Over Color $75 up

Color Root Touchup  $65 up

Partial Highlights  $99 up

Full Highlights  $149 up


Other color services offered:

Pricing determined at Consult 



Smudged Roots 

Smudged Roots with color or Highlights 

All Over Bleach 


Olaplex Treatment  $49

Brazillian Blow Out  $225

Ketatin Treatment  $199

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